Grabya S.R.L. is highly concerned with public awareness about the importance of this kind of industry as the final link in the process of waste disposal from the meat industry. Our industry aims to recycle waste from bovine slaughterhouses into first quality products for human and animal consumption.

Unlike other kind of wastes, it decomposes in the short term (hours) thus requiring immediate processing. Actually, without a running rendering plant millions of kilos of unprocessable decomposed material would cause an irreversible impact on the environment.

The raw material comes from:




Slaughterhouses: Facilities where the raw material comes from. The transport as well as the raw material itself are duly authorized by SENASA (National Animal Health and Agri-food Quality Service). Incoming raw material:

• Tallow from slaughter and quartering

• Bones (legs, heads and bones from quartering)

• Butcher’s houses: meat wastes (bones and fats) are picked by companies like Grabya S.R.L., transported by trucks duly authorized by SENASA and delivered in rendering plants.


End Products:   

   Melted tallow: is demanded by the following industries:

 Refineries of edible fats

 Chemical industries

 Distilleries

 Biodiesel manufacturers


Meat meal: 
is demanded by the following industries:

• Animal food industry

• Poultry industry

• Piggery

• Pet food industry

Meat meal is sold both in the local and International market.


Bodies which have satifactorily controlled, inspected and approved Grabya s.r.l.:


SENASA (National Animal Health and Agri-food Quality Service):

GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices)

SSOP (Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures)


SEDRONAR-RENPRE: It regulates the use of chemicals substances.

ACUMAR: (Matanza-Riachuelo River Basin Authority) General

     inspection record 55/2009


TOWN COUNCIL: It controls environmental conditions, liquid effluents, solid waste and gasses

NATIONAL: It controls environmental conditions, liquid effluents, solid waste and gasses


OPDS (Provincial Organization for Sustainable Development)


ADA (water agency)


Representatives from the 16 countries with which Grabya S.R.L is allowed to trade its products (controlled parameters: GMP, HACCP, SSOPs, traceability and environmental impact).


  It is worth mentioning that the inspections carried out by EEC (European Economic Community) countries not only control trading products but also “clean manufacturing” practices.


Rendering plants are worldwide regarded per-se “Ecological” and they are subsided as their procedures help mitigate an impact which would otherwise be highly harmful for the environment. Therefore, GRABYA S.R.L. is really concerned with the environment.


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